Day 1

I woke up earlier than usual for a weekday morning. My eyes shot open as I realized I was still missing my period due a week ago. Last week’s HPT having LIED been negative the hubs had cut me off from buying any more “clear blue” testing packages. Having irregular periods meant I had become somewhat addicted to the things, incessantly peeing on them on a whim. Being the lovely husband he is though, Nick had a hidden stash that he would ration out to me when I pleaded for peace of mind. I shook him awake and made my case. Not wanting to get into a discussion that early in the morning he had me wait in the bathroom so I wouldn’t see where his hiding place was and in less than a minute I was doing the deed.

Expecting the usual negative, which was both reassuring and somewhat disappointing, I watched the test work. Seeing the line turn into a faint + sign instead of the usual – I gasped, blinked and rushed back to bed where oblivious Dad-to-be was fast asleep since his rude awakening a few minutes ago. I jumped into bed and shoved the pee stick in his face. I’m pretty sure he didn’t read the lines but my reaction was all he needed to know this time was different. “We’re pregnant?” Yup, most certainly, definitely, preggers! He smiled his beautiful sleepy smile and hugged me close letting the news sink in. We laughed, a little nervously at first and then like giddy teenagers (oh the irony!), we were going to be parents.

Less than an hour later we were waiting to cross the street and Nick says, “Doesn’t it seem like the weekend was months ago?” I agreed, so much had happened since then. Laughing….we skipped across the street…so much had happened since we woke up that morning and it was just the beginning.


September 12, 2009. first trimester.

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