The early days

When I first found out I was “with child” I didn’t feel any different at all. I asked my mum if I was supposed to feel different now (I meant both physically and emotionally) and she replied not for a few weeks more. I just felt slightly dizzy, as though buzzed on a few glasses of wine. I still have a difficult time staying focused on things and have to concentrate really hard to stay on task. I can hear the buzzing in my ears and I like to think of it as the baby communicating with me, telling me he/she’s in there, working hard at growing. This loony idea keeps me sane as its now almost two weeks since the day 1 and we still have no idea how far along I am. The doctor said 5 weeks a week ago looking at the yolk sac but I really think I’m closer to 7. We’ll get a better idea of the dates when we go back a week from now and hopefully see the beansprout for real this time, hopefully with a heartbeat!

This morning though I woke up nauseous and the wave hit me really strong as I got out of bed to use the loo. I guess the metaphorical glasses of wine multiplied in my system and gave me a bad hangover. Luckily though a little spoiling from my love cured me quick. I had breakfast in bed followed by breakfast at the table. I guess the bean is like her parents and really takes her feedings seriously! I think I’ll have to eat from now on even before I get out of bed in the mornings…poor me 😉


September 20, 2009. first trimester, pregnancy.

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