On kindness

The year: 2005

N and I were back in Singapore trying to find work. We lived in a ghetto apartment and our income was solely a few tutoring jobs I held. We had no money and we shared a cellphone. Everyday while I was out tutoring my students, N would work on his portfolio and job applications.

One day when I was returning home it started to rain particularly hard. Singapore’s tropical storms are no joke, buckets of water are dumped on you. The winds beat the rains into sheltered walkways and you’re pretty much assured a good soaking if you go outside.  The walk home from where I would alight was a good 5-10 minutes and was not sheltered most of the way. We had no water heater at our place so I wouldn’t be able to warm up with a hot shower when I got home. The rain showed no signs of slowing, so, cursing,  I gritted my teeth and decided I would brave the storm to get my umbrella-less sorry self home as possible. Just as I turned the corner from the bus stop was the Immigration Building which was the last bit of shelter I would get and as I looked out ahead into the sheets of rain I was about to submerge myself in, there he stood, my future husband, holding an umbrella against the downpour. I was stunned, he didn’t have a way of contacting me to let me know he would wait for me with an umbrella, he just decided to come and find me there somehow so I wouldn’t have to brave the rains alone without an umbrella.

I thank the Universe everyday that I have him to bring me shelter and to walk me home in the rain.


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