Week 17

This week has been a very long one filled with a rollercoaster of highs and lows.  We started out rough after having had way too much fun at Gil an Lun’s place on Sunday night, reaching home at 2am! We had so much fun catching up with them and kind of our last hurrah with Andrew who will be leaving for Japan in early Jan. The Tan’s were so kind and I left there with all kinds of loot, including the offer of Uharn’s crib.

I know that my crib was passed down to lots of friends and babies in the family and I think it actually returned for my Sister to refuse to sleep in five years later. I love the idea of our baby sleeping in a crib that has been graced with beautiful baby sleeps already.

I’ve also been really busy putting together a couple of things on the Academic front. It’s been exciting and nerve-wracking and I am so fortunate that I have so many excellent people here to advise me.

My well-being has taken a little backslide with morning nausea resurfacing and awful leg-cramps waking me up on Wednesday night. I suspect it’s because I’ve been doing a little too much lately. I need to slow down a little and rest up for the flight to the States. Can’t wait for our holiday. It’s the first one we’ve taken that’s this long in many years.

I’m so looking forward to seeing Mom, the snow and fireplaces in Minnesota.

Kissing and cuddling my niece and nephew and sharing  beautiful San Francisco with the other Mr and Mrs Marchand.

Catching up with beloved friends who we don’t get to see often.

Spending time with Nick away from the daily grind that has really ground us this year.

Feeling baby move, it should happen while we’re there. Show us your strength little American Girl!


December 11, 2009. pregnancy, second trimester, Singapore life.

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