Where are my sea legs?

So the nausea and vomiting has begun in earnest. Getting out of bed in the mornings is just torture! I have erm… ‘reverse constipation’ too so I have to  jump out of bed and rush to the loo in the mornings and just feel miserable all day. Hey at least this means the little bean is growing really well right?

My GP thinks the diarrhea means I may have a stomach bug so hopefully its just that and I don’t have to feel this way for two more months *fingers crossed*

I can’t believe the little squirt can cause this much havoc in my life already!


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There’s something about being pregnant that makes me extremely irritable. Not that I am the most patient person on regular days but man now I’m just annoyed at everything. Being tired from growing the baby doesn’t really help, it’s a viscous cycle. Alot of it has to do with my super sensitive senses, especially smell and hearing.

Things I’ve been angry about recently:

I can’t fall asleep but I know I’ll be up two hours before my alarm goes off
I’m up two hours before my alarm goes off

I’m queasy-I’m hungry-I’m queasy-I’m hungry

Loud sneezes really assault my senses and make me want to punch the person

Your perfume stinks

Oh my God has TV always been this annoying sounding? turn-it-off-turn-it-off!

People cutting in front of me to get on the train or bus

Why are you chewing that cookie so loud? Also, cookies smell (bad).

The other night in the middle of watching a DVD I got really angry and started scolding N out of the blue. I accused him of having us stay up too late and was he going to shave because I was going to be late for work if he waited till morning and oh my god why aren’t we asleep already. He stared at me dumbfounded and then we both started to laugh. It was really a good rant I was on.

I really hope this lets up soon.

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The early days

When I first found out I was “with child” I didn’t feel any different at all. I asked my mum if I was supposed to feel different now (I meant both physically and emotionally) and she replied not for a few weeks more. I just felt slightly dizzy, as though buzzed on a few glasses of wine. I still have a difficult time staying focused on things and have to concentrate really hard to stay on task. I can hear the buzzing in my ears and I like to think of it as the baby communicating with me, telling me he/she’s in there, working hard at growing. This loony idea keeps me sane as its now almost two weeks since the day 1 and we still have no idea how far along I am. The doctor said 5 weeks a week ago looking at the yolk sac but I really think I’m closer to 7. We’ll get a better idea of the dates when we go back a week from now and hopefully see the beansprout for real this time, hopefully with a heartbeat!

This morning though I woke up nauseous and the wave hit me really strong as I got out of bed to use the loo. I guess the metaphorical glasses of wine multiplied in my system and gave me a bad hangover. Luckily though a little spoiling from my love cured me quick. I had breakfast in bed followed by breakfast at the table. I guess the bean is like her parents and really takes her feedings seriously! I think I’ll have to eat from now on even before I get out of bed in the mornings…poor me 😉

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Taken for granted

Just hours after finding out about the the little bean, N had to go on a business trip. His first one ever! I helped him pack and was so proud of how amazing he is at his job that they need him to go overseas to make sure things are going according to plan. In our years living in Singapore we have been fortunate enough not to have to travel for work. We have taken for granted our evenings spent laying about together after dinner dissecting our days for each other. This week has been tough without him. Pregnancy hormones are raging and I miss my level headed always optimistic partner-in-life.

There are so many things in life its easy to take for granted. Complaining about not enough money or not enough free time to spend with family and friends is such an easy habit to fall into that I am so guilty of. Living in a country away from our families and many of our best friends is tough too. Last month we missed our beloved mother’s 55th birthday (N’s mom). This month I miss my Grandfather’s 70th birthday, my little brother’s 10th along with my beautiful Ma’s and my best friend’s birthdays. Next month my other bestie will celebrate another birthday without me buying her a drink (again) and our nephew will turn one without us ever having met him.

N’s absence this week has made me weepy but also helped me realize that I am so fortunate to have him in my life loving me everyday. It’s the same with everyone else who is absent from our regular daily schedule – they are all so special and give so much value to being alive even though we don’t get to see them everyday, the world really is a better place because they exist.

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Day 1

I woke up earlier than usual for a weekday morning. My eyes shot open as I realized I was still missing my period due a week ago. Last week’s HPT having LIED been negative the hubs had cut me off from buying any more “clear blue” testing packages. Having irregular periods meant I had become somewhat addicted to the things, incessantly peeing on them on a whim. Being the lovely husband he is though, Nick had a hidden stash that he would ration out to me when I pleaded for peace of mind. I shook him awake and made my case. Not wanting to get into a discussion that early in the morning he had me wait in the bathroom so I wouldn’t see where his hiding place was and in less than a minute I was doing the deed.

Expecting the usual negative, which was both reassuring and somewhat disappointing, I watched the test work. Seeing the line turn into a faint + sign instead of the usual – I gasped, blinked and rushed back to bed where oblivious Dad-to-be was fast asleep since his rude awakening a few minutes ago. I jumped into bed and shoved the pee stick in his face. I’m pretty sure he didn’t read the lines but my reaction was all he needed to know this time was different. “We’re pregnant?” Yup, most certainly, definitely, preggers! He smiled his beautiful sleepy smile and hugged me close letting the news sink in. We laughed, a little nervously at first and then like giddy teenagers (oh the irony!), we were going to be parents.

Less than an hour later we were waiting to cross the street and Nick says, “Doesn’t it seem like the weekend was months ago?” I agreed, so much had happened since then. Laughing….we skipped across the street…so much had happened since we woke up that morning and it was just the beginning.

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September Surprise

Having lovingly envisioned him/her but not having “tried” to make a baby, our pregnancy came as an exciting surprise. Not everything is in place just yet, we’re just beginning the search for our first home to purchase and I, the mommy to be, am still putting the finishing touches on my Masters thesis but our family has never been more perfectly in place.

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