The Long Hiatus

Whew! It’s been a long time since I wrote here. We’ve been on vacation in America and then apartment hunting and finishing my thesis on being back.

Lots of baby updates:

It’s been confirmed several times that we’re having a girl.

She’s been moving around in there letting me know her likes and dislikes since the end of December. I feel like my tummy has been turned into her personal drum! It’s lots of fun but also weird to feel her moving when I least expect it.

My baby bump is huge!

I’m finally loving being pregnant.

More soon…


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Second Trimester

How far along? 19 weeks

Milestones: I now officially have a bump

Total weight gain/loss: No idea. Must buy a digital scale soon.

Maternity clothes? Yes but not gone out and bought any just yet. A couple of stretchy things in my wardrobe are in heavy circulation.

Sleep: Not too bad… Jet Lag here we come!

Best moment this week: Shopping online for the cutest hat and hairbands. Check out lemondropbaby at Etsy!

Movement: Nothing yet *pout*

Food cravings: No real cravings but I’ve been having an *ahem* healthy appetite.

Belly Button in or out? In but I think its changing shape. Looks a little stretched out. Wonder if I’ll get an “outie”!

What I miss: Sushi/Sashimi. The wonderful fresh tase sigh…

What I am looking forward to: Movement! Baby please kick for your parents, aunt, uncle, cousins and grandparents.

Weekly Wisdom/ Snide Comments: Oh you’re still wearing heels? (On the one day I got dressed up to go out after work)

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Be Prepared

So we’re getting ready for our much anticipated trip to the U.S. I’ve been really stressed out about what I’ll wear and if I’ll be too tired to do everything I want to and cranky in general. But this weekend we packed (well… got all our stuff together and put it into the suitcase), finished all the Christmas shopping, present-wrapping and most of the laundry and I feel much readier and even more excited.
We went shopping on Sunday and I got some cold-weather necessities like a pair of jeans I can fit into and awesome boots, and I went from complaining about my clothes to being really excited to wear my outfits.

It seems really shallow to care so much about what to wear but all the body changes and general angst about growing larger has triggered a self-esteem issue in me. I don’t want to be the frumpy mum. I’m still young and I want to look still like ME even with the baby bump.
I’m looking forward to shopping for maternity clothes in America!

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Week 17

This week has been a very long one filled with a rollercoaster of highs and lows.  We started out rough after having had way too much fun at Gil an Lun’s place on Sunday night, reaching home at 2am! We had so much fun catching up with them and kind of our last hurrah with Andrew who will be leaving for Japan in early Jan. The Tan’s were so kind and I left there with all kinds of loot, including the offer of Uharn’s crib.

I know that my crib was passed down to lots of friends and babies in the family and I think it actually returned for my Sister to refuse to sleep in five years later. I love the idea of our baby sleeping in a crib that has been graced with beautiful baby sleeps already.

I’ve also been really busy putting together a couple of things on the Academic front. It’s been exciting and nerve-wracking and I am so fortunate that I have so many excellent people here to advise me.

My well-being has taken a little backslide with morning nausea resurfacing and awful leg-cramps waking me up on Wednesday night. I suspect it’s because I’ve been doing a little too much lately. I need to slow down a little and rest up for the flight to the States. Can’t wait for our holiday. It’s the first one we’ve taken that’s this long in many years.

I’m so looking forward to seeing Mom, the snow and fireplaces in Minnesota.

Kissing and cuddling my niece and nephew and sharing  beautiful San Francisco with the other Mr and Mrs Marchand.

Catching up with beloved friends who we don’t get to see often.

Spending time with Nick away from the daily grind that has really ground us this year.

Feeling baby move, it should happen while we’re there. Show us your strength little American Girl!

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We had our 16 week ultrasound this week and the doctor said its most likely a girl!
We’re so excited, it’s hard not to be even though the doctor said it wasn’t 100% confirmed. The bub was positioned well though and we got a good look at her cute little bottom and thighs with no penis emerging from between them.
So I rushed home and updated our registry with girl things. I tried not to go too overboard with the pink but I really think she’s going to stay female when we have our detailed scan on January 11th.

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Status Update

Just like Amber and Mrs. Shortcake I have decided to keep track of weekly changes. I can’t believe the second trimester is already here and I have not been very consistent with documentation at all. Look out for baby bump pictures soon.

Second Trimester

How far along? 14 weeks 3 days

Milestones: Completed the first trimester!

Total weight gain/loss: Not sure

Maternity clothes? I’m starting to feel constricted in the waist but my slouchy pants and dresses are doing the trick. Regular jeans and pants not so much.

Sleep: It’s hit or miss. I wake up at least once a night to pee and am very thirsty and kinda hungry but I’ve not resorted to nighttime feeds for myself yet.

Best moment this week: Waking up in the morning and not running to the bathroom to throw up

Movement: Looking forward to feeling something soon

Food cravings: Craving for rice and spiced curries. Aversion to grilled chicken or meat that is chunky.

Belly Button in or out? In

What I miss: Wine

What I am looking forward to: 11 days till we find out the sex!

Weekly Wisdom/ Snide Comments: If you’re having a girl your complexion will improve and it will worsen(darken) if its a boy

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I’m back!

I have been a bad blogger but I will be a good mother and blame it on the baby.  I have had the first trimester from hell and at 14.5 weeks I am so glad it’s coming to a close.

The all-day-and-night nausea and constant vomiting meant a 7 week hiatus from work. I could hardly look at a computer screen for want of hurling.  My weight went down to 50.7kgs from my starting weight of 55kgs but I’m hoping for an upward turn from now on.  I’m back at work, enjoying being more productive and my belly is slowly beginning to “ripen.”

I am once again excited about being pregnant and even more excited about becoming a mother.

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There’s something about being pregnant that makes me extremely irritable. Not that I am the most patient person on regular days but man now I’m just annoyed at everything. Being tired from growing the baby doesn’t really help, it’s a viscous cycle. Alot of it has to do with my super sensitive senses, especially smell and hearing.

Things I’ve been angry about recently:

I can’t fall asleep but I know I’ll be up two hours before my alarm goes off
I’m up two hours before my alarm goes off

I’m queasy-I’m hungry-I’m queasy-I’m hungry

Loud sneezes really assault my senses and make me want to punch the person

Your perfume stinks

Oh my God has TV always been this annoying sounding? turn-it-off-turn-it-off!

People cutting in front of me to get on the train or bus

Why are you chewing that cookie so loud? Also, cookies smell (bad).

The other night in the middle of watching a DVD I got really angry and started scolding N out of the blue. I accused him of having us stay up too late and was he going to shave because I was going to be late for work if he waited till morning and oh my god why aren’t we asleep already. He stared at me dumbfounded and then we both started to laugh. It was really a good rant I was on.

I really hope this lets up soon.

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The early days

When I first found out I was “with child” I didn’t feel any different at all. I asked my mum if I was supposed to feel different now (I meant both physically and emotionally) and she replied not for a few weeks more. I just felt slightly dizzy, as though buzzed on a few glasses of wine. I still have a difficult time staying focused on things and have to concentrate really hard to stay on task. I can hear the buzzing in my ears and I like to think of it as the baby communicating with me, telling me he/she’s in there, working hard at growing. This loony idea keeps me sane as its now almost two weeks since the day 1 and we still have no idea how far along I am. The doctor said 5 weeks a week ago looking at the yolk sac but I really think I’m closer to 7. We’ll get a better idea of the dates when we go back a week from now and hopefully see the beansprout for real this time, hopefully with a heartbeat!

This morning though I woke up nauseous and the wave hit me really strong as I got out of bed to use the loo. I guess the metaphorical glasses of wine multiplied in my system and gave me a bad hangover. Luckily though a little spoiling from my love cured me quick. I had breakfast in bed followed by breakfast at the table. I guess the bean is like her parents and really takes her feedings seriously! I think I’ll have to eat from now on even before I get out of bed in the mornings…poor me 😉

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Taken for granted

Just hours after finding out about the the little bean, N had to go on a business trip. His first one ever! I helped him pack and was so proud of how amazing he is at his job that they need him to go overseas to make sure things are going according to plan. In our years living in Singapore we have been fortunate enough not to have to travel for work. We have taken for granted our evenings spent laying about together after dinner dissecting our days for each other. This week has been tough without him. Pregnancy hormones are raging and I miss my level headed always optimistic partner-in-life.

There are so many things in life its easy to take for granted. Complaining about not enough money or not enough free time to spend with family and friends is such an easy habit to fall into that I am so guilty of. Living in a country away from our families and many of our best friends is tough too. Last month we missed our beloved mother’s 55th birthday (N’s mom). This month I miss my Grandfather’s 70th birthday, my little brother’s 10th along with my beautiful Ma’s and my best friend’s birthdays. Next month my other bestie will celebrate another birthday without me buying her a drink (again) and our nephew will turn one without us ever having met him.

N’s absence this week has made me weepy but also helped me realize that I am so fortunate to have him in my life loving me everyday. It’s the same with everyone else who is absent from our regular daily schedule – they are all so special and give so much value to being alive even though we don’t get to see them everyday, the world really is a better place because they exist.

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