What pregnant women won’t tell you. Ever.

From Skepchick

My favorite part of the post is:

Gaining Sympathy

Don’t expect anyone to ever be sympathetic to any of the things you are going through. Maybe this is why no one talks about these things.

Your friends who want kids don’t want to hear this.

Your friends who don’t want kids will want you to shut up and snap, “You’re the one who wanted kids.” (Because wanting a family means that you want to be kicked in the cervix while urinating on yourself with a back that aches so bad you can hardly move… that’s what YOU GET!)


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We had our 16 week ultrasound this week and the doctor said its most likely a girl!
We’re so excited, it’s hard not to be even though the doctor said it wasn’t 100% confirmed. The bub was positioned well though and we got a good look at her cute little bottom and thighs with no penis emerging from between them.
So I rushed home and updated our registry with girl things. I tried not to go too overboard with the pink but I really think she’s going to stay female when we have our detailed scan on January 11th.

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Weekly check-in

Second Trimester

How far along? 16 weeks

Milestones: Completed four months

Total weight gain/loss: gained 2.7 kgs/ 6 pounds this month but I’m one and a half kgs less than my starting weight. (not for long!)

Maternity clothes? Not quite. Though slouchy pants and leggings are all I can manage. Can’t wait to shop in the U.S.

Sleep: Yes. Early. And naps. I’m exhausted by 9pm.

Best moment this week: Seeing the baby at the 16 week scan and hearing is “most likely” a girl!

Movement: Felt a few thumps but looking forward to more consistent communication soon

Food cravings: Hmm………none really.

Belly Button in or out? In

What I miss: Still wine

What I am looking forward to: Growing the bump in the next few weeks to show off to my American family and friends.

Weekly Wisdom/ Snide Comments: “The sex doesn’t matter as long as its healthy.” So true…but I still (want to) believe we’re having a daughter

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The Belly Rub

Before I was pregnant I always thought it slightly strange how pregnant women would rub their bellies. Sometimes in discomfort, sometimes just absentmindedly and sometimes it seemed to me like they were just being smug. I was jealous, I suppose, of their connection with that little being in there. It looked like love and I wanted it.

Now that my belly is slowing becoming an orb of wonder, I find that I can’t stop touching it. It’s not just to feel my baby, because I can’t feel anything yet, but because it’s like having an extra appendage. It just sits there like a new friend, just hanging out.

I think we’re going to be good friends.

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