Be Prepared

So we’re getting ready for our much anticipated trip to the U.S. I’ve been really stressed out about what I’ll wear and if I’ll be too tired to do everything I want to and cranky in general. But this weekend we packed (well… got all our stuff together and put it into the suitcase), finished all the Christmas shopping, present-wrapping and most of the laundry and I feel much readier and even more excited.
We went shopping on Sunday and I got some cold-weather necessities like a pair of jeans I can fit into and awesome boots, and I went from complaining about my clothes to being really excited to wear my outfits.

It seems really shallow to care so much about what to wear but all the body changes and general angst about growing larger has triggered a self-esteem issue in me. I don’t want to be the frumpy mum. I’m still young and I want to look still like ME even with the baby bump.
I’m looking forward to shopping for maternity clothes in America!


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